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3/4 Scale Petrol Willys Jeep

This bespoke Jeep was made by an engineering company in 1980s to show off
their capabilities. Produced for Harrods with a price tag of £45,000
each and an order for 2 but it ended there due to high safety testing
costs so this is the only one produced.

This Jeep was also displayed at the London car show in the 80s.

Constructed from rolled steel it has a 4x2 inch steel chassis which
has been built completely from scratch. The detail is truly amazing!

Additional features include:

Forward & reverse bespoke made gearbox,  transferring the drive to the
rear wheels through a custom made prop shaft & then to a diff.


  • Fitted tow bar for a trailer.
  • Functional Horn, Lights front and back
  • Fitted with an electric start 200cc engine
  • Vents open with a hand turned stainless steel knobs on the beautiful

solid wooden dashboard.

  • Front seats are bespoke and fully adjustable and can be driven by child/adult.
  • Front window is made from aircraft grade perspex .
  • New 13 inch alloy wheels and tyres.
  • Adjustable suspension all round.
  • Handbrake to the side of seat.
  • The engine can be restricted for lower speeds if required.
  • Flip up DVD player

The condition is great and still looks amazing starts first time.



3/4 Scale Petrol Willys Jeep

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